Jak Slovensko porazilo svého Trumpa

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Dalibor Roháč z American Enterprise Institute vysvětluje, jak se Slovensko zbavilo svého „Trumpa“ Vladimíra Mečiara a jaké si z toho lze vzít poučení. Přestože tenkrát nakonec „všechno dobře dopadlo“, vyhráno zdaleka nemá ani Slovensko. 

The resulting sense of nihilism about the trustworthiness of Slovakia’s government has contributed to a worrying rise in political extremism and growing support for anti-establishment, conspiracy-touting movements, all the way to outright neo-Nazis. It all goes to show that, in Slovakia as in the United States, nurturing the institutions of liberal democracy requires much more work than simply keeping aspiring authoritarians at bay. It requires ensuring that liberal democratic governments are seen as legitimate and effective at delivering key public goods, including justice and security.

Celý text My country had its own Trump. Here’s how we beat him Dalibora Roháče na The Washington Post.


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